How Do We Serve Others?

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Inclusion and Diversity Training Courses

At Purry Consultants, we believe in creating welcoming and inclusive work environments and providing superior customer service. Our training courses and facilitation sessions are designed to foster dialogue and understanding around diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Join us as we explore important concepts and develop practical skills for building inclusive workplaces and serving diverse communities.

Training Courses and Facilitation

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access (101)

We all want to feel welcome and included at work and when we are served at a place of business. This 90-minute dialogue introduces DEIA, opens doors, and encourages people to dive deeper into conversations around minority and oppressed communities. Learn about microaggressions, ableism, culturally sensitive language, and introductory concepts important to inclusive workplaces and superior customer service.

Disability Awareness (101)

In many organizations, 1 in 3 employees with disabilities face negative perceptions. Discomfort with co-workers with disabilities is common, but in many cases it is due to a lack of knowledge to adapt. This training fosters self-awareness about perceptions of disability and fosters partnership. Topics discussed will include ableism, microaggressions, and intersectionality as they relate to disabilities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access (201)

In this extended 90-minute session, we build on the foundation laid in the introduction class, granting participants the chance to grasp fresh concepts, engage in exercises for navigating awkward conversations, and seek clarity. Introducing essential topics like intersectionality, we offer attendees tangible takeaways to apply in their daily lives, fostering practical and meaningful learning experiences.

Disability Awareness in Action (201)

In this seamless extension of Disability Justice 101, our comprehensive three-hour course delves deeper into the previously discussed concepts. Engage in practical application with hands-on learning activities, bringing theory to life. Real-world scenarios will expose you to practical challenges while fostering an open, honest, and understanding space for questions and exploration. Join us for an enriching experience!

Access to the Future

This dialogue session spans from one hour to ninety minutes, centering on enhancing accessibility for employees and customers with disabilities. It delves into the importance of prioritizing accessibility within your organization. By incorporating input from individuals with disabilities, we will evaluate established systems to identify and address any potential barriers hindering accessibility.

The Impact of Intersectionality

Expanding communication channels on intersectionality enables us to embrace a broader audience in discussions about oppression and identity. Let’s delve into the interconnectedness of all forms of oppression. In this 60-minute dialogue, we open doors, encouraging individuals to engage deeply in conversations concerning minority and oppressed communities. Together, let’s foster understanding and inclusivity!

Service Animals in the Workplace

Why is it not okay to pet a service dog? This educational opportunity initiates discussions on the vital role service animals play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Participants will understand proper interactions with service animals, guided by lived experiences and the Americans with Disabilities Act. They’ll also learn to respect individual preferences of those who use service animals.

Acknowledging Mental Health

Some disabilities remain unseen. Mental health symptoms and/or neurodiversity are prevalent among employees and customers in the workplace. Regrettably, many individuals conceal their symptoms due to shame and stigma. In this training, participants will gain insights into mental health and neurodiversity, understanding how to work with, serve, and treat individuals with compassion and respect.