Engaged Inclusion

Weekly Video Training Series

Creating Intentional conversation for teams to learn and grow together!

The Engaged Inclusion Series is designed to guide teams through structured conversations that highlight the vast knowledge and perspectives that each individual contributes to the greater identity of the team. We introduce topics such as equity, inclusion, and access, as well as navigating differences within the workplace, so teams can thrive together. Our facilitators have diverse lived experiences, bringing constructive authenticity and a commitment to transforming exclusionary habits into inclusive best practices that uplift teams in today’s competitive market.

Engaged Inclusion Invites You To:

Establishing a foundational understanding and implementation of the “platinum rule.”

Building knowledge and trust with team members through respectful discussions.

Discover how different perspectives improve culture and business acumen.

Providing opportunities to ask questions in a safe and judgment-free environment.

How It Works

Purry Consultants will provide you with the tools for leading a weekly team discussion on DEIA.

The 52-week educational series includes weekly 15-minute training videos including:

1. 52 DEIA discussion topics and talking points to engage conversation and identify opportunities for application in the workplace.

2. Dedicated time for discussion built into the 15-minute framework.

3. Supporting materials and topic-specific resources to further your learning; includes reference links and PDFs.

We have weekly and monthly options to engage your team on a consistent basis to make inclusion truly part of your organization.

Preview Three Episodes of The Program

Help For Veterans

A discussion about the Veteran Experience

The Study of Intersectionality

A discussion about Intersectionality

Putting Your Privilege To Work

A discussion about racial equity

Participant Feedback

“This has been good. I have definitely broadened my knowledge and understanding. I am very excited that the Agency I work for is offering this and only wish it could be further expanded and really embraced by all 45K staff in the agency.”

-State Agency Employee


Annual subscription begins at $5000 for 1-20 employees, with variable pricing for larger teams.

Discount available for nonprofits and government entities.

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