DEIA Consulting

DEIA Consulting Services

Purry Consultants provides inclusive consulting for organizations at all stages of their inclusion journey. Our services can be tailored to fit your specific needs. With over 1 billion people in the world having some form of disability and a combined buying power of 8 trillion dollars with their friends and family, we strive to ensure your organization is welcoming to employees and accessible to customers. We also promote the inclusion of disability in equity conversations at your workplace. Contact us now to schedule a session to discuss your needs.

Consulting Projects

Consulting services can vary based on the needs of the organization. Please contact me if you have a DEIA project that you would like assessed or reviewed through a diversity lense. A few examples are provided below.

Digital Evaluation and Remediation

Due to the rising adoption of digital technology in the workplace, it’s crucial to ensure that all employees can utilize new technology and software. We offer a comprehensive review of your digital devices to ensure accessibility for all. Additionally, we provide consultation before major purchasing decisions to avoid unintentionally excluding current or potential employees from accessing technology.

Annual Employee or Customer Equity Survey

We specialize in formulating comprehensive and inclusive questions that cater to all identities. Serving as third-party administrators, we create a comfortable environment for customers and employees to share candidly, offering authentic feedback to leadership. Upon data collection, we meticulously analyze and compile results while safeguarding customer and employee privacy to the highest degree.

Project Consultation

Would you appreciate assistance on projects such as HR interview panels, program development, policy evaluation, event consultation, developing best practices, or creating accessible inclusive places? Consulting is our specialty and we have a wide range of expertise to support your employees, managers, and teams. We invite you to utilize our vast background of knowledge.

Physical Space Evaluation

Purry consultants use trauma-informed practices and universal design principles to assess your workplace environment, going beyond code compliance. We focus on identifying barriers, usability and functionality of the space. Our goal is to improve accessibility for all people and offer remedial recommendations to create a more respectful and inclusive space.

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