The power of belonging

90 minutes – $3,999

Belonging Where You Feel You Don’t Belong

In a world where disconnection seems to be the norm, organizations crave unity and cohesion more than ever. The desire to belong is universal, yet it often eludes us. But fear not, Emily is here to guide your organization on a transformative journey.

Emily understands that true support for diversity work goes beyond concepts and equity terms. It starts with fostering a profound sense of belonging. With her relatable and authentic perspective, Emily will inspire your team to connect with the idea and importance of belonging.

As a legally blind mother, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, Emily knows firsthand what it’s like to feel like an outsider. She brings her remarkable experiences to the stage, sharing stories that will ignite courage within your audience, empowering them to engage in diversity work fearlessly.

But Emily’s impact doesn’t end there. She goes beyond inspiration, offering concrete strategies to improve morale, prioritize equity, and retain valuable employees. By building compassion among teammates, she will guide your organization toward a future of inclusivity and unity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring Emily’s unique voice and powerful insights to your organization. Let her ignite the flame of change, forging stronger teams that embrace diversity and create an environment where everyone truly belongs. Together, let’s unlock the power of belonging and empower your organization to thrive…