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Episode 4 – “Disability and Intersectionality with Emily Purry”

Surfer and DEIA advocate Emily Purry joins us this week and we cover some topics about intersectionality, accessibility, disability, and networking-while-blind. 

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YouMeWe Amplified

Hosted by Suzanne F. Stevens

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Well Connected

Hosted by Ricky & Fletch

Emily Purry is a seasoned corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and consultant with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA). As the lead at Purry Consultants, Emily leverages her personal experiences to educate and advocate for people with disabilities in corporate environments. 

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It’s About to Go Down!

Hosted by Marc & Cathey

In this episode, Marc and Cathey help Emily prepare for a TED Talk on the idea of getting people to understand disabilities from a positive lens. They put her through a one-sentence test, cypher through various analogies, and explore ways to engage an audience immediately to assess their experiences while raising their awareness of the issue.

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Human is My Label

Hosted by Emily Purry

I am talking about everything equity. My goal is to get everyone comfortable with the uncomfortable and include everyone. I am passionate about normalizing the equity conversation to help everyone be their best self. 

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A Leg Up on Life

Hosted by Roni Sasaki

Emily Purry is an expert in accessibility, intersectionality, technology, and the world of ADA. Legally blind herself and the parent of a child with autism, she brings personal and professional experiences to help move companies forward.

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