Surf’s Up!

90 minutes – $3,999

Surfs Up!

Good morning/afternoon/evening, ladies and gentlemen. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey today as Emily, a legally blind former collegiate athlete, shares her story of triumph over adversity. With a unique blend of inspiration, motivation, and humor, Emily is the perfect catch for your event. If you’re seeking a keynote speaker who can make your audience laugh, reflect, and leave with a burning desire to conquer any challenge, Emily is the ideal choice.

Embracing Challenges:

Life throws curveballs more often than a pitcher in the World Series, but Emily has become an expert at hitting them out of the park! She will guide your audience through practical strategies on how to turn challenges into stepping stones, sprinkling in sports analogies that resonate with everyone, regardless of their athletic prowess. Emily’s humor and relatability will keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout.

Navigating the Unknown:

Imagine being on a sailboat, gliding through uncharted waters. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, life’s uncertainties can be just as exhilarating when you learn to steer your ship with confidence. Emily will share stories of adventure and resilience, equipping your audience with a compass to navigate the vast sea of the unknown. With her guidance, they’ll learn to avoid those metaphorical sea monsters that love to attack when least expected!

Overcoming Limitations:

You may wonder how a legally blind person manages to stay afloat in a world determined to sink them. Emily’s story reveals the secret: a life vest made of determination, a snorkel of creativity, and a pair of goggles that help her see the world differently. She embraces her limitations and transforms them into superpowers, inspiring your audience to redefine their own boundaries and embrace limitless possibilities.

Building Resilience:

Life can be a wild rollercoaster and not the fun kind. But fear not, because Emily has mastered the art of resilience like a pro surfer riding the gnarliest waves. She will share practical strategies, including the power of laughter therapy, the importance of a support network, and how to navigate the waves of uncertainty with a sense of humor. Brace yourself for jokes so good they might cause coffee spills from laughter!


When was the last time your audience celebrated an achievement, big or small? Emily believes every accomplishment is worthy of celebration, whether it’s a personal milestone or successfully microwaving a frozen pizza without burning it. Together, she will guide your audience on how to ride the waves of accomplishment with style, grace, and a victory dance that rivals any TikTok trend. By the end of her presentation, your audience will be craving their own well-deserved celebrations.

Riding the Wave:

If you’re in search of a keynote speaker who can transform your event into a tsunami of motivation, inspiration, and laughter, Emily is the perfect choice. Her story of triumph over adversity will empower your audience to conquer challenges, break through crashing waves, and emerge feeling like they’ve won the gold medal in life. Get ready to ride the wave of success together with Emily as your guide. Thank you and let’s make some waves that are worth riding!