Embrace Inclusion & Belonging in the Workplace


Create Welcoming & Accessible Spaces for All

Emily Purry is a corporate trainer, consultant and keynote speaker who helps companies and organizations create more welcoming and inclusive spaces. She specializes in disability awareness and accessibility as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.

DEIA Training at Purry Consultants

DEIA Training

At Purry Consultants, we believe in creating welcoming and inclusive work environments and providing superior customer service.

DEIA Consulting at Purry Consultants

DEIA Consulting

Purry Consultants provides consulting services in the areas of accessibility, project management training and development,
and more.

Engaged Inclusion

Weekly Video Training Series

The Engaged Inclusion series is designed to guide teams through structured conversations that highlight the vast knowledge and perspectives that each individual contributes to the greater identity of the team. We introduce topics such as equity, inclusion, and access, as well as navigating differences within the workplace, so teams can thrive together.

Meet Emily Purry

As a legally blind athlete, Emily brings her lived experience to her work with a lighthearted, relatable and energetic message. With three biracial children including one on the autism spectrum, she is uniquely qualified to provide insightful and impactful guidance on topics of inclusion and belonging.

Emily Purry holds a Master’s Degree in Business Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She founded Purry Consultants to advocate for disability rights and to normalize the conversation around disability. With a deeply personal perspective, her unique approach strives to improve employee recruitment and retention, and to increase customer loyalty.

A Lived Experience

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Emily provided training for our staff focused on how to normalize the conversation of disability in the workplace through an intersectional lens. Her passion and knowledge of the topics she was speaking to were evident in every aspect of the presentation...

– Octavia C.

I highly recommend Emily Purry as an informative and engaging speaker. We received excellent feedback from the team across the board on how engaging and informative the session was.

– Janna K.

Thanks so much – it was very informative and interesting!

– Anonymous

I was so touched by this presenter and her bravery walking through each day and sharing her lived experience with a large audience. I learned so much and have a much greater appreciation for serving those with a disability. Thank you so much!!!!

– Anonymous

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