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Promoting Equity and Inclusion
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Emily Purry is a certified Drug and Alcohol counselor with a Master’s degree in business Management and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She founded Purry Consultants to advocate for disability rights, and provide support to members of the disabled community.

Emily has direct experience living with a disability as well as caring for a disabled individual. When she was a child, she was diagnosed with Stargardt disease. This disease afflicts the eyes and rendered her legally blind. Later, when she became a parent, she learned how to raise a child that had been diagnosed with autism.

As a professional speaker and corporate life strategy coach Emily has spent her career working to educate, support, and provides guidance. With the establishment of Purry consultants, that mission has taken on a greater scope than ever before.

One of the goals of our organization is to normalize the conversation surrounding disabilities, and teach others how they can work to promote a more equitable world. To advance this cause, Purry Consultants provides training programs designed to educate organizations about disability topics relevant to the workplace. This includes intersectionality, unconscious bias, accessibility, and ableism.

Every individual with a disability has the right to embrace their life, and thrive in it.

Together we can create a more equitable world. Contact us now to schedule a corporate training.

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