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Promoting Equity and Inclusion
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Our work is changing the conversation about equity and disability. Share your experience with Purry Consultants by leaving a testimonial!

Thank You

Thanks so much - it was very informative and interesting!

Highly Recommended

Emily provided training for our staff focused on how to normalize the conversation of disability in the workplace through an intersectional lens. Her passion and knowledge of the topics she was speaking to were evident in every aspect of the presentation. Her authentic approach to the conversation was refreshing and engaging; she has a true gift for providing training and education with care.
-Octavia C.


I highly recommend Emily Purry as an informative and engaging speaker. We received excellent feedback from the team across the board on how engaging and informative the session was.
-Janna K.


I was so touched by this presenter and her bravery walking through each day and sharing her lived experience with a large audience. I learned so much and have a much greater appreciation for serving those with a disability. Thank you so much!!!! This was the best training I've attended at my organization.
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