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Promoting Equity and Inclusion
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Corporate Consulting & Training

Purry Consultants offers consulting, training, and coaching to fit the needs of organizations committed to inclusion and to  those who are just beginning their journey. Our services can be packaged or a-la-carte and we look forward to developing a customized program that is tailored to fit your specific needs.

There are 1billion people in the world who  have some form of disability. With their friends and family the have the buying power of 8 trillion dollars. We want to ensure that your organization is welcoming to these 1 billion  people as  employees and your products and services are accessible for these customers. In addition, want to ensure that disability is being included in the equity conversation happening at your workplace. Contact us now to schedule a training or consulting session for your organization.

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Consulting Opportunities

Annual Employee or Customer Equity Survey

We help you create questions that are detailed and inclusive of all identities. As a third-party administrator, we help customers or employees feel comfortable sharing honestly and provide leadership with authentic feedback. After gathering the data, we will analyze and compile the results making sure there is no data that could reveal the privacy of customers or employees.

Physical Space Evaluation

Using trauma informed practices and universal design principles Purry consultants can examine your workplace environment going beyond code and focusing on barriers, usability  and the functionality of space. We then  identify ways to improve accessibility for all individuals and provide recommendations for remediation.

Digital Evaluation and Remediation

Given to the increasing rate at which digital technology is being utilize in the workplace, it is important to make sure that any new piece of technology or software can be used by any employee. Purry consultants can conduct a full review of your digital devices, and help ensure that they are all accessible. We are also able to consult prior to any major purchasing decisions, to ensure that you are not unintentionally excluding current or potential employees from accessing technology.

Project Consultation

Would you appreciate assistance on projects such as HR interview panels, program development, policy evaluation, event consultation, developing best practices, or creating accessible inclusive places? Consulting is our specialty and we have a wide range of expertise to support your employees, managers, and teams. We invite you to utilize our vast background of knowledge in any way you see fit.

Training Courses and Facilitation

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access 101

We all want to feel welcome and included at work and when we are served at a place of business. This 90-minute dialogue introduces DEIA, opens doors, and encourages people to dive deeper into conversations around minority and oppressed communities. Participants will learn about microaggressions, ableism, culturally sensitive language, and other introductory concepts important to inclusive workplaces and superior customer service. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access 201

This 90-minute session builds upon the introduction class and gives participants the opportunity to learn new concepts, practice awkward conversations, and ask questions that came up since our last meeting. We will also introduce topics such as intersectionality and provide participants with more tangible take-a-ways to use every day.

Access to the Future

This conversation ranges between one hour to ninety minutes. It focuses on how to improve accessibility for employees and customers experiencing disability, and why accessibility should be a priority for your organization. We will apply feedback from individuals with disabilities to examine established systems and determine whether or not they are inhibiting accessibility.

Disability Awareness (101)

In many organizations , one in three employees with a disability say that their disability has had a negative affect on how they are viewed by team members. It is common for employees to feel awkward around coworkers with disabilities, but they may have no idea how to adapt or change their behavior. This training is intended to help participants develop self awareness about how they perceive disabilities, and help them learn how to serve as an ally within the workplace. Topics discussed will include ableism, microagressions, and intersectionality as it applies to disabilities.

Disability Awareness in Action (201)

This three hour course serves as a direct continuation of Disability Justice 101. We will continue to explore the concepts discussed in the 101 course, and learn how to put them into practice through hands on learning activities. Participants will be exposed to real world scenarios, and will have the opportunity to ask questions in an open, honest, and understanding environment.

The Impact of Intersectionality

Opening the lines of communication regarding intersectionality allows us to welcome more people to the conversation about oppression and identity. Let’s explore why all oppression is connected. This 60-minute dialogue opens doors and encourages people to dive deeper into conversations about minority and oppressed communities.

Acknowledging Mental Health

Not all disabilities are visible. Mental health symptoms and/or Neurodiversity are common among employees and customers in the workplace , unfortunately, many try to keep their symptoms  hidden, due to shame and stigma. Participants in this training will get the opportunity to learn more about mental health and neurodiversity in depth, including how to best work with, serve and treat them with both compassion and respect.

Service Animals in the Workplace

Why is it not ok to pet a service dog? This educational opportunity  opens discussions about the role that service animals play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Participants will learn about how to interact with service animals based on  lived experience and the standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act, and how to respect the individual preferences of people who use service animals.

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